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Because wings are awesome.
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Attention please

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 3, 2016, 10:06 PM

I love you all and i'm sorry i'm a lazy butt when it comes to answering messages *shot* But if any of you ever need anything or want to talk please let me know! I'll be easiest to reach via Skype or twitter. I still check deviantart i'm just very... very lazy about responding. and im so sorry for that. I'm a dumb.  I just don't know where all the energy is that I had as a younger person, when I would constantly and continuously interact with people online. i'm just super lazy/tired/demotivated these days. Doesn't mean I don't care, though! I really do. just forgive me if I end up putting off your general chatter messages. I'm not a very worthwhile friend but I do try to be a good one if someone needs support. idk if im any good at it anymore, but I try... if i'm not massively forgetful.
I'm a bad friend *shot* Unless we're best friends. When you're my best friend you try to convince me how awesome of a friend I am but I'm thinking about all my not-so-close friends and I'm like
I'm an awful friend *shot*
But please know that I love you no matter how terrible I am at showing it. I love and miss friends that broke away from me years ago and the list of people I actually do not like anymore who were my friends is massively SHORT, but even those people I still care about.

so yeah. Happy new year, and here's to hoping I actually progress in "getting a life" this year. I wanna get a job, I wanna progress a decent rate in college (by the end of it i'll have been in jr college 5 or 6 years which is sooooooo embarrassing. it's supposed to take 2 years and i'm not even learning anything substantial toward my preferred careers. I'M JUST SO SLOW. and remain that way because I value the limited amount of sanity and mental health I still posess), and I want to break ground with my personal projects (aka my novel and project E.V.I.L, but with the rate which I've been putting ANYTHING out lately I'd settle for at least writing a decent number of fanfics...)
well that escalated quickly

anyway, love you all, please keep in touch if you would like to. I'm also really sorry i'm so lazy in going around and shooting messages to all of you just in general.

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: the click of keyboard keys
  • Reading: old rpg threads from tumblr
  • Watching: im way too tired to watch anything
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2 version. y i level so much n fail
  • Eating: internal conflict. to rp... or not to rp
  • Drinking: .

Eyyyyyyy Murr Chrismas

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2015, 6:36 PM

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Spend plenty of time with your loved ones if you're able! Treasure it!

God bless us everyone, and thank God for Jesus. ^_^

I didn't get around to any art for my friends, so i'm hoping to *possibly* get around to it belatedly (but we know how I am. :I And college starts on like the 5th of January which only gives me a number of days before dad leaves to throw my full focus into anything. Not that I'm really complaining. but I still feel bad.)


  • Mood: Seasonal
  • Listening to: Em talking on the phone.
  • Reading: hopefully Chronicles of Naria, soon...
  • Watching: Jack Frost (90's non-horror version)
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2 version. ZUBATS NU.
  • Eating: junkkk
  • Drinking: Saffron Chamomile Tea

When your life's a boat in a bottle

You're surrounded, drifting alone.

When you're sad
and no one knows it
I'll send you black roses

-"10 Black Roses" by The Rasmus.

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~Team Breakfast Club~


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Thanks for +faving my needle felted dragon! There are many more handmade dragons in my gallery, if you'd like to take a look. :) (Smile)
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thanks a lot for fav my dragon quest characters in adventure time style ^^...I forget I actually did that art XD
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I'm hoping to start catching up again soon though; mainly by putting some projects out to pasture.
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ahhh, I know that feeling. I hope you feel a lot better and get caught up soon!
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